Lorna Withell

I have been working as a Pascha Therapist since 2008.  I support people to really listen to how they are feeling and to learn to trust in their own intuitive voice to know what is right for them. This often leads to deep healing of the past and new possibilities can really be felt and acted upon.

This heart and soul centred counselling can be really effective in support of many big life experiences – grief and loss, relationship stresses, pressures of school and teenage life, being a parent, being a solo parent.  Life gets tough at times for all of us and it can really help to talk to someone who is impartial but deeply compassionate and understanding.

I have experience with supporting parents and young people, and having raised my two sons on my own I really understand the journey of the solo parent.

My support is clear and non-judgmental and always works at the pace that feels most comfortable for my client. I believe in honesty and integrity and in really deeply listening to the voice of the heart.  Oh and I have a great sense of humour and know that is so important too!

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