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Rose Bush


New Zealand Association of
Intuitive and Pascha Therapists

- Established in 2004 -

pascha therapy

Feeling Based,

Soul Centred, Intuitive Therapy

feeling based

The power of listening to your feelings

soul centred

Embrace the Divine

in all of life

intuitive therapy

Accelerate your self awareness


In a time of rapid change in our world, knowing how to listen to yourself and how to trust what you know feels right to you has never been more important.


What is Pascha Therapy?

Pascha Therapy is a feeling based, heart centred therapy that supports the client to understand why they feel what they feel and the importance of learning to truly listen to themselves.

Pascha Therapy helps the client to open to and listen to their inner wisdom while addressing and caring for any past or present trauma that may be arising for the care and healing it needs.

Being supported by a Pascha Therapist

Training to become a Pascha Therapist


We are happy to announce that

Valerie Gasser

the winner of the Heart of Gold Award for 2023

Congratulations Val!

Val has shown consistent commitment to her work and support to many people.

This award has always been given to acknowledge and encourage those who work in our modality The Pascha Method as a Pascha Therapist, since 2010.

View past recipients here - Heart of Gold Awards

Pink Rose

Online Training Course

It is also possible to do the training via an Online curriculum that mirrors the course that has run in person for many years.

This will make it possible to do the course in your own time and overseas, along with regular Zoom meetings to answer your questions and offer support.

Please contact us for further information.


Please contact us for further information through the form below.


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