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Graduate Training

The Graduate course is available to those who have completed the 3 years of Pascha Therapist Training This annual support course will develop you further as an Intuitive Practitioner: supporting your work with clients, business practises and strengthening energy required to work intuitively.


Pascha Year 4 Client Practice Based Training

This is different to the past Graduate Training, because it will be about more intensive client practices each class. So you will get a lot of guided practice in supporting people with their feelings and the Pascha Method.

If you would like to build your client base this year and step confidently into working as a Pascha Therapist more, this year will give you the absolute clarity about how you are working and how effective you can be.

This naturally flows on to how people are drawn to being supported by you.

You will also have a monthly Supervision group as a part of the Training year.

Year 4 Pascha Therapist Training Begins on Saturday 26th February.

Please email Amanda for your registration form and scheduled dates.

Year Four is a Pascha Practitioner Year. This year supports you to work with clients and step fully into this work with confidence and energy.


This year you can develop your client base and learn how to own your ability to support people and market this in the world. You will discover what holds you back or blocks this, and you will discover what to own and develop more so that you can engage the energy to manifest the work you wish to do.

You will refresh and deepen your use of the Pascha Method – 4 A’s. Taking this into ways of supporting strong feelings and issues. Particularly depression and anxiety.

You will experience a deeper way of working with Your Intuition and Spirit. Both to guide others and receive the guidance you may need in supporting others.

Overall you will learn how to strengthen your own abilities and develop further those things you hold as natural talent within. Understanding the Soul Journey that others are on and living can bring a clear awareness that guides healing and acknowledgement of the Self/Soul in our life.

I look forward in welcoming you to this Year Four Practitioner Training Year. Even if you have been  working with clients for a while, you will discover a new way of seeing yourself In this work over the coming year.


 Yasmeen x

Hours of Training

The graduate year is comprised of 25 hours of training commencing in January through to November.

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