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Year Three Training

Pascha Therapist Advanced Soul Care Training

Training in Year Three is for those who are wanting to complete their 3 years of Pascha Therapy Training and or are committed toward becoming and practicing as a full time Pascha Therapist, using your ability to support and understand  Feelings and intuition in a professional capacity. This can be a wonderful addition to any therapeutic practice

Year Three teaches awareness of the growth and development an individual is experiencing and working through in their life; at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This gives a comprehensive understanding of needs at a soul level as well as in human life.

Training in Year Three takes a deeper step in understanding the dynamics in all relationships, grief, childhood, and spirituality. There will be three days during the training year that Years Two and Three combine which gives hands on awareness of supporting others in their growth and development.

Hours of Training

​The third year is comprised of 100 hours of training commencing in January through to November.

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