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Client Guide

Image by Jude Beck
Image by Lina Trochez
Image by Tim Marshall

Pascha Therapy is an energetic, talk therapy that helps clients to understand why they feel what they feel and the importance of really listening to their feelings.


Our Therapists are trained in the Pascha Method which is a feeling based, heart centred, soul focused way of working. This means they are trained to be concerned about the whole of the person.


All therapists are required to receive regular supervision and one of the tenets of being a Pascha Therapist is to ensure that what they support and guide in others,  they have to be living in their own life. This means that as a client you are able to really feel the support of the therapist and not just be directed to a theory idea.

Where Pascha Therapy is different is that, at times you will be guided and supported in finding the answers and way forward with your life, relationships or dynamics. (This is the Pascha part.) When needed you will experience the deeper, emotionally connecting aspect. (The Therapy). To help you connect and recover what is most needing to be understood and cared for within you.


If you have any questions about this very special and effective way of working, please reach out and connect with one of our therapists.

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