Heart of Gold Awards

Every year the NZAIPT members nominate someone who as a Pascha Therapist has done something in the past year that deserves acknowledgement.

It could be that their work as a Pascha Therapist has grown and they are supporting many people really well. Or someone who has given of themselves in a very heart centered way and deserve recognition for their energy and actions.

The list of past recipients is:

2010 - Kevin Withell

2011 - Yasmeen Clark

2012 - Gina Luke

2013 - Philippe Atman

2014 - Jonathan Spark

2015 - Tomo Takaku

2016 - Victoria Riddiford

2017 - Jane Catherine Severn

2018 - Jennifer Davies

2019 - Lorna Withell

2020 - Anara Nicol

2021 - Theresa Evans