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Joanne Winiata

Contact Details

027 637 7208

Pascha Therapist - mNZAIPT

Reg. Comp. Nurse; RNBN



Soulsupport draws upon the skills of Pascha Therapy, which is a heart felt way of supporting and guiding a person through life, to assist in maintaining balance and well being.


I offer a counselling service for understanding and moving forward through experiences such as:

  • Unresolved past experiences

  • Unresolved feelings of grief; anxiety; fear; loss; doubt; and depression

  • Life crisis

  • Uncertainty

  • Adjusting to changes in life

  • Struggling to make choices

  • Relationship issues

My gentle approach allows you the opportunity to explore your feelings and intuition, in order to open to greater awareness and understanding of yourself. It is through this that you can be shown choices on how to be self supporting in your daily life.


Soulsupport offers the opportunity for:

  • Personal Growth

  • Enhancing Relationships

  • Self empowerment - trust and feel confident in being the Essence of you

  • Knowing your strengths and how they can support you in life

  • Balance and well being

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